Bjoern Gaertner, Ph.D.

LLHF Research Fellow

I obtained my M.S. in molecular biology from Heidelberg University. While performing my thesis research in Dr. Dirk Schübeler’s lab on transcription-dependent histone modifications in Drosophila melanogaster, I became interested in transcriptional control of eukaryotic gene expression. Fascinated by the powerful combination of fruit fly genetics and whole-genome assays, I pursued Ph.D. research in Dr. Julia Zeitlinger’s lab at the Stowers Institute in Kansas City, studying chromatin and transcription during Drosophila development. In 2013, I joined the Sander lab. Leveraging my background in developmental biology and genomics, I am investigating the role of long noncoding RNAs during pancreas differentiation.



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Gaertner B, Johnston J, Chen K, Wallaschek N, Paulson A, Garruss AS, Gaudenz K, De Kumar B, Krumlauf R, and Zeitlinger J. (2012) Poised RNA polymerase II changes over developmental time and prepares genes for future expression. Cell Rep. 2(6): 1670-83.